Alexa Machi

CEO & Founder

Alexa Machi (Alexa Rodriguez) is a writer and independent film director who has managed to consolidate a successful career in this medium internationally. Like many of us, Alexa was born a boy who grew up hiding her true self and holding a profound desire to do something to change the perception of society about transgender people.

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Claudia García

General Manager

Claudia Garcia is a seasoned journalist, movie producer and entrepreneur, whose instincts for powerful storytelling have led her from Enrique Peña Nieto presidential campaign trails to the destroyed streets of post-earthquake México City to the true meaning of the legacy of muralist Diego Rivera.

In 2010, she launched The CrossGender Organization with Alexa Machi to make a change in the lives of millions of transgender people who were victims of abuse and with no representation. In the spring of 2017, Garcia designed the program for parents with transgender children in order to help parents to understand the unique and beautiful opportunity of raising transgender children.

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Lorena Rodriguez

Web Master & Art Director

Lorena Rodriguez is a multitalented graphic artist that has built a successful career working as a lead graphic designer for prestigious brands like Nestle, P&G, Mead Jhonson, among others. Lorena is also a talented web designer, developer and programmer who has lended her voice, her creativity and amazing talents to our cause and our organization. Lorena is also Alexa’s younger sister.

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David Aguilar

Team Leader

David Aguilar is a seasoned professional dancer graduated from Broadway Dance Center School who has mastered the art of feminine move and motion. David’s participation in the CrossGender project allowed us to bring amazing people together from many other walks of life and create a team who has a clear understanding on how we can educate and promote an environment of understanding, acceptance and diversity and inclusion in and outside our community.

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