Our Founder

Alexa Machi

Alexa Machi is a writer and independent film director who has managed to consolidate a successful career in this medium internationally. Like many of us, Alexa was born a boy who grew up hiding her true self and holding a profound desire to do something to change the perception of society about transgender people. This was easier said than done in a country where religion still dominates the consciousness of society and transgender people are considered perverted and immoral.

Like millions of Immigrants, Alexa decided to migrate to the United States in order to realize her dream and finally find her voice and express her true self, and using her experience as a creator, writer and filmmaker, as well as her relationships in different social, commercial and media spheres. Alexa has succeeded in integrating a powerful group of men and women who have initiated a new transgender social movement and a union that could very well change the history of the perception of transgender people worldwide.

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